Googalies Cloth - Microfiber Polishing Cloth
Review by T. S. Phillips

I loves me my Googalies cloth. There is something so posh about this microfiber musical instrument polishing cloth. It’s just so big, so soft, so purple. But then, I guess the color is  called “wine”. Whatever the case, it is perfect for someone who values the beauty and care of a fine musical instrument or who just wants their guitar to be as shiny as possible and their strings to last as long as they can.  

The cloth is a luxurious 16” square but it easily folds into a much smaller size for effortless use or storage in the guitar case. It feels so good in the hand that it makes me want to take extra time to not miss a spot. This velvet/suede microfiber material is reminiscent of moleskin and originally developed to clean ultra-expensive glass lenses. It works wonders on polished wood surfaces, safely removing common household dust without scratching even on the microscopic level and it uses the minute amounts of moisture left on the guitar from the player’s own hands to clean the surface at the same time. When encountering ensconced residue or other grunge, one simply needs to moisten a small portion of their Googalies cloth with plain or filtered water and it will easily remove the offending substance.    

Although it is intended to dust or otherwise wipe down the guitar without the need of any kind of cleaner or other chemicals, it can be used to apply certain polishes.  But some polish and cleaning products can bleach the color out of the cloth, so do this at your own risk.

Because the cloth is a dust magnet it is meant to be laundered with some frequency. This will only make the cloth softer. The material is so well woven and stitched on the ends that it is seemingly untearable. It should last for years if used and washed with common sense. In fact, the manufacturer recommends washing the cloth in hot water prior to its first use, to make sure one is starting out on a pristine Square One.

But don’t do so in a batch of whites, the Googalies cloth sheds a considerable amount of pigment during that first wash.

The Googalies cloth is excellent for wiping down guitar strings after they have been played. The unseen moisture from fingers can contain all kinds of contaminants that corrode strings or frets. Although most cloths will work well enough, this micro fiber cloth is effortless and always provides great results. It is guaranteed to never leave fuzz balls or threads on the strings and should increase longevity if used after every performance. I also think my fretboard and frets look better since I have started using the cloth.

I believe anyone with a worthwhile guitar would benefit greatly from the Googalies microfiber polishing cloth, whether they use it every day or every once in a while. But you may want to buy two as the cloth is clearly good for a great many uses around the house or to polish glass or other smooth but delicate surfaces. I now own four and can not recommend them highly enough.

I tried to find something about the cloth that I could criticize. But I failed to do so, except that I wish it came in other colors. That way it would be easy to tell which one was for guitars and which for other uses. But I do very much enjoy the wine as it is.

tsp, nyc

Pros: Large, luxurious microfiber cloth that maintains a guitar without the need for any spray-on products.


Cons: A bit pricy compared to your basic cloth. Only one color.


Bottom Line: Highly recommended. The best and possibly last polishing cloth you will ever buy. Makes a great gift.