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K Wingert Model F Custom

The first thing that comes to mind when seeing this K Wingert guitar is, “That’s a big guitar!” The first thing that comes to mind when I hear this K Wingert guitar is, “That’s a big guitar!”

But as big and bold as it sounds, its voice remains refined and lovely from the first note to the fading final moments of the resonant sustain.

"With quality tonewoods matched by the artistry used to create it, this custom Wingert Model F has a full-bodied voice rich and satisfying as steaming hot cocoa made with half and half, while allowing for clear notes that come right through all that indulgent rosewood/alpine spruce tone."

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Schoenberg Quartet

- the Stephen Bruton model

A 0000 reimagined with a Standard 12-fret body shape.

"This guitar is so finely tuned in terms of dynamics and response that it is basically effortless to play, in any tuning. There is a gorgeous complexity to the harmonics, but an unperturbed clarity to the fundamentals, and an organic sensibility to the sustain and decay of each, which makes it a delight to play."

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Martin CEO-7

Martin's successful take on the prewar Gibson L-00 remains more Martin than anything else. A slope-shoulder 00 for the ages.

"When it came down to it, the whole time I was playing the guitar I kept feeling like the CEO-7 is the Golden Era Series reissue of a pre-war Martin that never existed."

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Huss & Dalton TD-M

Sinker Mahogany

Review now up!

"In a word, the voice is huge ... a good example of a Bluegrass banjo killer with focused trebles that cut through the stout, strong bass of its pronounced bottom end ..."

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Kramers Headed to Woodstock Invitational!

Sparky Kramer was visiting one of his customers in New York City last night, on his way to the big guitar show. So, I stopped by for a chat with the California wood charmer, and a look at these new and delightful musical instruments, made with gorgeous woods and super smart design features.

“The guitar sounded huge for such a small size. It invited one to play with the absolutely lightest touch they could, and be rewarded with such lovely tone and marvelous projection. But it had no issue with being attacked, and effortlessly turned into a blues machine.”

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Monday, November 24, Path Cafe, NYC

The Paul Ukena Trio - 9PM

Celebrate Thanksgiving a little early with three chefs of the acoustic guitar, as they serve up piping hot classics by America's most loved composers of the mid-twentieth century and beyond! Plus sweet as pie originals!!

131 Christopher St. in New York's famous Greenwich Village.



Monday, October 13, Path Cafe, NYC

You needn't be Italian-American to celebrate Columbus Day the old fashion way, by seeing the Paul Ukena Trio at the Path Cafe!  A mere 6,066,720 feet from the spot believed to be first landfall of the legendary explorer, the Path Cafe offers traditional Italian fare like Greek salad, and American classics like humus and olive tapenade. Enjoy a glass of vino or a bottle of cold beero while listening to music by such noted Italian composers as George Gershwin, Duke Ellington, and Bob Dylan.


Recent Gigs

August 2 - 13th Annual Martinfest

Martin on Main - Main Stage 2 PM
Nazareth, Pennsylvania


With Broadway veteran Paul Ukena on guitar and lead vocal, and guitarists Spoon Phillips and Frank Krupit, the Paul Ukena Trio performs eclectic original compositions alongside eclectic standards from Kurt Weill and Duke Ellington to Bob Wills and Bob Dylan.


July 7 - Paul Ukena Trio at the Path Cafe


June 21 - Gowanus Ballroom

Appearing in Philip Goetz's




Solo at the Living Room


Spoonville at Freddy's


Featuring original compositions by front man Spoon Phillips,Spoonville periodically surfaces for gigs in the New York City area
Spoonville at the Living Room

A marriage of Bluegrass, 60′s Paisley Pop, and traditional Scottish melodies, the Highland Shatners perform at Burns Nights, and various New York City music clubs and taverns.









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Spoon is now appearing as the performing artist in on-line guitar demonstration videos at 
Maury's Music, one of the nation's leading and most beloved dealers in the guitars of C.F. Martin & Co. and Blueridge guitars

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